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Friday, October 8, 2010

Why Can't We be Proud of the Oilsands?

This Rex Murphy article from the National Post asks just that; as Canadians why are we ashamed of the oilsands, perhaps our greatest resource?

The article points to the rest of Canada outside of Alberta asking where the support is - while the oilsands face ongoing scrutiny and disapproval from NGOs and 'enviros' why isn't Ottawa stepping to the defence?

And moreover, to what end does this criticism take us? Activity in the oilsands is picking up as you can see in our current opportunities and the rest of Canada is benefiting through all of our industries.

As Murphy puts it;

"Properly understood, the work of investigating, mining, processing and building the infrastructure to extract the oil — the whole complex of engineering and technological achievement represented by the oil sands — should be a story of Canadian triumph. It’s as singular an achievement in its way as a genuine masterwork of literature or art. This is some of the most sophisticated, pioneering work of its kind in the entire world."

What do you think? We'd welcome your comments on this blog.

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