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Friday, April 15, 2011

What's the Secret to a Business' Success?

How many times have you asked yourself what makes a business succeed? Is it a great product, flashy sales or the best website? Well, a recent study by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business set out to answer that question and came up with some interesting points.

The study polled 8,901 of CFIB's members to see what qualities they found to be the most important. Here's the rankings of the national study;

1) Employees
2) Customer Loyalty
3) Hard Work
4) A Good Product or Service
5) Passion for Work
6) Innovation
7) Family Support
8) Defined Business Plans

This is an interesting study both for employers and employees because it clearly ranks Employees as more important to a business' success than the product or service it offers!

It also gives insight into what employees are looking for in a successful company. Does your employer share similar values or do you think you should head over to our current jobs to look at some of the positions we are filling across Canada.

Here's a link to the study in full by the CFIB called The Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success.

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