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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Didn't get the job? Maybe these are some reasons why.

CareerBuilder.com has recently released the results of a survey involving 2,878 hiring managers which explored some of their reasons for not hiring. It proves that while managers do focus on leadership abilities and experience, they are also focusing on your professional image - both internal & external.

Here's a list of common image problems that hiring managers have reported cost a candidate a job;

• piercings (37 per cent)
• bad breath (34 per cent)
• visible tattoo (31 per cent)
• frequently wrinkled clothes (31 per cent)
• messy hair (29 per cent)
• too-casual dress (28 per cent)
• too much perfume or cologne (26 per cent)
• too much makeup (22 per cent)
• messy office or cubicle (19 per cent)
• chewed fingernails (10 per cent)
• too suntanned (four per cent)

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