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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Employers; Are You Fishing In The Shallow End?

The Globe & Mail published an article today that describes 'passive candidates' and their extreme value to employers & recruiters. At CMS we've known this for years and built our reputation as one of Canada's top recruiters by doing just this.

The article makes strong points in saying that relying on your job postings means you are just fishing out of the shallow end of the pool, where there aren't many fish. As an employer you want to do much more than this to hire key positions (or any positions!) so leave it in the hands of experts and engage us in your next search.

Visit our Specialized Recruitment or Executive Search Pages for a stronger sense of what we can do for you and then get in touch with us for a one on one consultation.

For employees too, this article gives a few great ideas on how to get noticed and the powers of a passive candidate. Of course, the best first step is to get in touch with us with a resume or CV - this way you'll appear on our internal searches whenever we get a new position to fill.

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