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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

With 'friends' like these... Facebook Firings.

Are you reading this on our Facebook page? Are you reading this work? Are you Facebook friends with your boss? You'd better be careful!

Cases of disputed dismissal because of someone's actions aren't news - they've been happening since the dawn of the Internet. But as social media becomes more & more popular and your network of 'friends' becomes larger & larger, you've really got to be careful of what you say.

Take for instance a recent British Columbia Labour Board's ruling upholding the dismissal of two employees at a car detailing company for making remarks about their boss. The Labour Board found that these comments were creating a negative and hostile work environment and even constituted insubordination.

The catch is that their boss was among their friends who received live status updates - on his mobile phone.

In the US it's a different story because Facebook notices are protected under The First Amendment?

So the moral of the story is, the next time you have a blow-out at work and take out your mobile phone to update your Facebook status, think twice about who's going to read it! Toronto employment lawyer, Daniel Lublin says this is why not to add your manager as a friend.

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